Congressman-elect Robert Garcia to take oath on rare copy of ‘Superman no.1’


Congressman-elect Robert Garcia, a Peruvian immigrant, openly gay man and self-proclaimed “comic book nerd,”has been drawing a lot of attention from superhero fans bringing some much-appreciated levity into the political dimension.


Is the U.S. on the fast track to the left?


“What we witness is a pendulum: a swing to the left and a swing to the right. I think in the immediate future we are going to be swinging left,” said Greg Brown (66). The teacher and politico, as he appropriately calls himself, had just finished up with his classes for the day. He was now answering my questions on where exactly this country is headed, a feat too great for the voter data on Census.gov.

Senate Majority Leader’s home vandalized


Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s (R-K.Y) home in the Highlands section of Louisville, Kentucky was vandalized overnight. The vandalism occurred one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-C.A) home in San Fransisco was vandalized with fake pigs blood and graffiti as well.