Entertainment figures pay tribute to Richard Donner

When the somber news of Richard Donner’s passing at age 91 broke on Monday, July  5, 2021, social media was flooded with commiseration from fans, colleagues, comic writers and many of the fellow entertainers that the famed director had worked with and influenced over the decades including Kevin Feige, Zack Snyder, Steven Spielberg, Frank Miller, Tom Taylor and many more.

The road to the ‘Snyder Cut’

For decades, the Justice League has saved humanity from the worst threats it has ever faced, from alien warlords to ancient demons and powerful sorcerers, to the God of Evil himself, Darkseid. And every time, they have overcome the odds and saved the human race. One foe, however, altered their emergence onto the big screen time and time again, and this time it was humanity’s turn to rescue the world’s greatest heroes.