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Death of Superman then and now — How the event affected two brothers, 12 years apart

It’s weird to think the “Death of Superman” event is 30 years old. The milestone event came in a time where the DC comics leadership wanted to seemingly shake up the status quo in the Superman universe. The sales for the Superman comics were nowhere close to those of the new crop of antiheroes that were dominating comics at the time such as Spawn, Wolverine and Punisher, all coming from rival comic publications. 


The ‘Death of Superman’s’ lifelong impact on me

It was the year 1992, I was seven. I remember taking a break from chores to read the newspaper. I always had a habit of reading the arts and entertainment section, and there on the cover of the Virginian-Pilot was that symbol we all know too well. The red symbol of the House of EL written in blood with black behind it. It read “Superman is Dead.” I was shocked.

Why do we celebrate the death of Superman?

This isn’t something I’ve just started to think about; it always starts working in my brain whenever the anniversary pops around, DC reminds us, everyone starts posting their bagged issues with the gruesome bloody S on the front, etc. 

How ‘The Death of Superman’ shaped the Triangle Era comics landscape

Despite reading and collecting comic books since 1992, I still think of myself as a relative newbie to the hobby. After all, I know folks from my old comic shop who became fans in the Silver Age — they’re the veterans. (Plus, were the 90s really THAT long ago? Asking for a graying, thirtysomething friend.)

James Gunn and Peter Safran to head DC Studios


James Gunn and Peter Safran have been appointed to the new roles of Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of DC Studios, overseeing the overall creative direction of the DC Universe across film, TV and animation under a single banner.

DC Universe Infinite is getting an ultra upgrade

With access to over 27,000 comics, expanding to 32,000+ books in November 2022, and new issues available one month after their release in comic stores, DC is making it even easier to read new comics on DC Universe Infinite with the brand-new Ultra tier launching Monday, October 10.