3 Tips for Better Staircase Safety at Home

3 tips for better staircase safety at home

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Staircase safety is essential in any structure. Small children or people with mobility issues may not be able to climb the stairs.

They could even slip, trip, or fall down the staircase. Use these tips for better staircase safety at home to ensure your living space is accommodating to everyone.

Reduce clutter

Letting clutter gather around the stairs is an easy way to turn the area into a tripping hazard. For example, if you have kids, look out for toys littering the steps or landings. Check the stairs in your home every day for things left by your little ones.

Likewise, if you dropped an item, such as clothing, down the stairs by accident, pick it up before starting a load of laundry. It’s important to spot hazards and clear them out as soon as possible. Even if you spot clutter and tell yourself to move it later, you shouldn’t wait. You may forget your mental note, causing someone else to trip over it.

Improve staircase lighting

Keeping your staircase clear of safety hazards requires good lighting. One of the best tips for better staircase safety at home is upgrading your lighting; it’s simple and effective. Brighter lighting on the stairs will illuminate the aforementioned clutter.

Spilling your morning joe on wooden stairs creates an instant slipping hazard. Adequate lighting along the stairs can help you clean up the mess quickly. Stock up on bulbs so you can make quick replacements when they burn out. Ample lighting will ensure you can spot spills and objects and clean them up, eliminating tripping hazards. You should never struggle to see where you’re going around the house.

Install stable handrails

Don’t settle for unstable or uncomfortable handrails. The handrail is there to guide you up and down the steps; it’s especially valuable for people needing mobility assistance. If you slip and fall, you can catch yourself on the handrail. You can browse different styles of steel handrails for stairs to balance visual appeal and comfort. Replace any handrails around your home today if they don’t meet building codes, don’t look aesthetically appealing, or don’t serve their basic function of helping you climb or descend the stairs. Take control of your home today with these effective tips for staircase safety.

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