How To Make Your Home Feel More Connected to the Outdoors

How to make your home feel more connected to the outdoors

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You can do many amazing things with your home by changing the design. One of the more ambitious projects you can tackle is making your home feel a greater connection to the outdoors without knocking out all the walls.

Here are some tactics you can use to accomplish this connection to nature.

Bring in plants

Plants are a key part of bringing nature into your home, as nothing is as symbolic as a few good plants. You should design your home in a way that lets you place a variety of plants all over your space.

Mimic nature textiles

Nature is different from the processed textiles of modern home decor. One trick you can try is to switch out materials in your house with things you may find in nature or things that feel more natural. Adding items like rope or using wood over tiles can make a huge difference to your home and help it feel far more natural.

Use natural colors

Try switching out unnatural colors for those that feel more natural. Greens that you may find in plants and browns like trees can make your home feel like a part of nature. Avoid using colors you wouldn’t find outdoors, like neon colors, to keep the feeling of nature in your home.

Open your home

Nature is all about being open, so small spaces can feel very closed off from the outdoors. Try creating more open areas with things like mirrors or windows. Choosing a good door for your balcony can influence how open your place feels, as the door may allow more light to filter into the house.

When it comes to making your home feel connected to the outdoors, plenty of options exist. Any of these tips and tricks can help you change your home to feel more like the outdoors without making major renovations.

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