Methods To Protect Your Landscape During a Heat Wave

Methods to protect your landscape during a heat wave

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Whew! Is this summer hot or what? With record-breaking temperatures, committing to being a weekend warrior by tending to your yard is hard. While it’s a goal for many to have a stunning landscape year-round, taking care of yourself should take priority. But how can you protect your plants and grass from burning in excessive heat?

Here are a few methods to protect your landscape during a heat wave to keep a beautiful yard year-round.

Avoid overwatering your yard

Although it’s hot and your plants seem thirsty, avoid overwatering your yard. Watering your plants and grass too frequently can cause the roots to suffer due to a lack of oxygen. During a heat wave, try to water your plants about two to three times each week for about 30 minutes to an hour. Doing so allows them to retain moisture appropriately and flourish in extreme conditions.

Repair drainage problems

During the summer, your priority for your yard is to help your plants retain as much moisture as possible, especially after it rains. You may have drainage issues if you look out and see puddles of water in your grass during and after a rain. You can prevent this by repairing sidewalks, driveways, and other hard spaces to help redirect the runoff. You can also add a retaining wall to your landscape as a functional and aesthetic solution.

Add a layer of mulch

Adding a layer of mulch to your plants is a great way to retain moisture and protect your landscaping during heat waves. Not only will this insulating layer create a stunning decorative element in your yard, but it will also help your plants thrive in extreme heat. Mulch helps snuff out any weeds and adds organic nutrients to your landscape.

Allow your grass to grow longer

Nothing is better than a nice, green plush lawn. Maintain your yard this summer by allowing grass to grow a little longer. Cutting your grass too low could result in burns or dry patches. Refrain from fertilizing your lawn during the heat wave because it will require your yard to have more water, which could lead to overwatering. Allow your grass to grow above six inches before cutting it to maintain a healthy plush yard.

Enjoy your outdoor space this summer by using these methods to protect your plants during the heat wave. By taking great care of your yard during the summer, you’re preparing yourself for the winter. Have green grass all year round by closely taking care of your landscaping.

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