The Top Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Appliances

The top tips for properly cleaning your appliances

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A clean house makes you feel more refreshed. One room you should include in your cleaning endeavors is your kitchen. Your appliances need a bit of TLC as well.

There are a number of great tips for properly cleaning your appliances, and we’ll discuss them here. Read on below.

Deep clean your fridge

Your fridge is the backbone of your kitchen and your food supply, so a clean fridge promotes a healthier household. If you want to do a deep clean, take everything out of the fridge and use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the bins and shelves. This will also allow you to access tough-to-reach spots and corners. Wipe down everything with soap, warm water, or one part water and one part vinegar for a simple cleaning solution.

Deep cleaning your refrigerator has the additional benefit of giving you the opportunity to throw out food that’s expired or about to go to waste. You can then arrange your food neatly back in the fridge. It may feel like a lot of work, but it’s worth it the next time you open your fridge and see a clean interior. This is a great tip for properly cleaning your appliances.

Scrub your stove top

No matter how carefully you cook, you can expect to make a bit of a mess on your stove. It’s bound to collect splashes of oil, spaghetti sauce, and bits of cooked food. Cleanliness is a common problem with kitchen ranges, but luckily you can fix this one pretty easily.

When you’re ready to clean your range or stovetop, put on some rubber gloves. Then, spray it down with an all-purpose cleaner, and let it sit for a few minutes so it can soak into the stains and debris. This will make it easier to clean, especially when it comes to those tough spots. After it has soaked for a bit, vigorously scrub your stovetop with a soft sponge, and you’ll have a sparkling-clean kitchen range in no time!

Clean your coffee maker

If your coffee maker is out of commission, your morning routine is sure to be thrown off—and no one wants that. First, take out all the moving parts and clean them individually, not just the coffee pot. Then, put everything back together, and run your coffee pot with hot water to clean out the coffee debris that you can’t reach. If you follow these cleaning tips, your entire kitchen will be pristine!

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