#35 – Bibbo’s B-Movies: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1987)

"Tell me about the loneliness of podcasting, He-Man..."

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Alan and Rob are joined once again by friend of the podcast & Caped Wonder Europe’s own Martin Lakin to take another sneaky look under the counter at the movie stash behind the bar at Bibbo’s ‘Ace o’ Clubs’.

This time they examine Cannon’s 1987’s classic, ‘Masters of the Universe’ starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, the movie based on the classic 80’s Mattel toyline of the same name.

Hear about the dramatic behind the scenes turmoil which caused the production to shut down mid shoot, why exactly the film so negatively effected Superman IV and most importantly the origins of PIGBOY!!!

Is this picture the closest we ever got to a Christopher Reeve era New Gods film? You’ll have to tune your cosmic key to the All Star Superfan frequency to find out! 

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Alan Burke

Alan has an extensive knowledge and passion for comic book literature and the legacy of Superman in particular. Alan is an avid collector of rare comic book and film memorabilia and believes that comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the equivalent of a modern day mythology. Alan believes that fictional comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the modern day equivalent to the Gods of ancient mythology.

Rob O'Connor

By day, Rob O’Connor is a TV producer working in Ireland on a number of successful series. By night, Rob keeps his horizons broadened with a steady diet of 90s teen dramas, video games and superhero comics. The phone won’t stop ringing.

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