How To Clean Grout Lines in Your Commercial Restrooms

How to clean grout lines in your commercial restrooms

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Do you own a building with often-unsanitary facilities? The most common culprit for unhygienic, potentially hazardous bathroom environments is soiled grout in the flooring and walls.

Read on to learn how to clean grout lines in your commercial restrooms.

Use odor digesters

Grout is a porous construction material, meaning urine and other liquids can easily soak into the lines between your tiles and cause them to become unsanitary indefinitely. Regular cleaning products for residential applications are simply not strong enough to remove fluids deeply absorbed within the grout lines. As such, you must provide your custodial staff with industrial chemical cleaning products that specifically neutralize odors and stains.

Unlike aerosol sprays, odor digesters actually eliminate the source of the foul smell. In the process, these chemicals also brighten the freshly cleaned grout lines to enhance the physical appearance of the restroom flooring. This is because odor digesters contain healthy bacteria that love to eat harmful matter, such as urine and soiling substances. Ensure your custodial staff is entirely aware of the risks and proper usage concerning anaerobic digesters before applying them.

Use the right tools

Does your custodial staff clean public spaces and facilities with the same standard mop head? Unfortunately, this cleaning system is unsanitary and inefficient at cleaning soiled grout lines. In fact, most traditional string mops simply deposit leftover dirt and fluids back into the grout, making it impossible to ensure true sanitation for your building occupants.

Instead, consider arming your staff with newer microfiber mop heads and compact scrubbers. Together, these tools are exceptional at penetrating through the porous grout lines and physically removing urine and other fluids. Invest in a compact orbital floor scrubber to tackle extreme grout line discoloration and soiling.

Maintain consistency

Using odor digesters, microfiber mop heads, and compact scrubbers effectively cleans your restroom grout lines. However, you must maintain consistent custodial attention to ensure long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing grout. Implement more regular cleaning sessions within your commercial bathrooms that focus on digesting and removing contaminates in the flooring material. Over time, this commitment to a more sanitary environment can significantly improve your commercial bathroom’s conditions. Furthermore, consistency is the most effective method for preventing restroom odors long term.

Understanding how to clean the grout lines in your commercial restrooms ensures more welcoming and hygienic environments for your building occupants. By prioritizing cleaner spaces, you can slow the spread of illness and show your bathroom patrons that you care about their needs!

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