Everything Marvel revealed about ‘Fall of X’ at MegaCon

This August, the X-Men begin their thrilling next chapter with new titles, stunning character developments, and more.

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At the Marvel Comics: FALL OF X Panel at MegaCon Orlando, fans got fresh insights into the X-Men’s upcoming new era, “Fall of X!”

Senior Editor Jordan D. White was joined by a trio of acclaimed X-Men talent—writers Gerry Duggan and Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara—to chat about some of the new series, stories, and shakeups in this exciting era.

Since 2019’s revolutionary “House of X” and “Powers of X” series, mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity on the island nation Krakoa—but can it really last forever? It all begins in July’s shocking “X-Men: Hellfire Gala” no.1 one-shot, where danger, conspiracy, and sacrifice threatens to shatter everything mutantkind accomplished on Krakoa.

Unveiled earlier today and showcased at the panel was a brand-new “Fall of X” teaser image by Bryan Hitch. The haunting image is accompanied by a list of “Fall of X” tie-in titles, some of which have yet to be announced.

‘Uncanny Avengers’ no.1

“Uncanny Avengers” no.1 written by Gerry Duggan. Art and Cover by Javier Garrón. On Sale 8/16

Announced last month at Marvel Unlimited’s X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years Live Virtual Event, the devastating events of the Hellfire Gala and the tragic circumstances of “Fall of X” calls for the return of the Avengers’ Unity Squad in a new run of “Uncanny Avengers” written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Javier Garrón!

The new lineup will include Captain America, Rogue, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Psylocke, and Penance. This powerhouse new team must solve the mystery of who the new, murderous Captain Krakoa is—and stop his army of killers from igniting the fires of a new world war. Fans can check out the team on the newly revealed main cover of this highly-anticipated series.

‘X-Men’ no.25

“X-Men” no.25 written by Gerry Duggan. Art by Stefano Caselli, cover by Joshua Cassara. Design Variant Cover by Peach Momoko. On Sale 8/2

Duggan will also continue to write “X-Men” throughout “Fall of X.” Following the Hellfire Gala, the title will see a cast shakeup with new additions such as the winner of this year’s X-Men fan vote and Kate Pryde. She’s been known as Kitty, Sprite, Ariel, Red Queen and Captain Kate.

Now, as the X-Men find their way through their darkest hour… “Shadowkat” emerges! See the characters radical transformation in a new design sheet by visionary artist Peach Momoko, which harkens back to the character’s ninja training.

‘X-Force’ no.43

“X-Force” no.43 written by Benjamin Percy, penciled by Robert Gill. Cover by Daniel Acuña. On Sale 8/23

Benjamin Percy’s run on “X-Force” has been delivering pulse-pounding action and thought-provoking drama since the “Dawn of X,” and now the stakes are higher than ever.

Daniel Acuña joins as cover artist for this bold new era, and his “X-Force” no.43 piece unveils new team leader Colossus on the frontlines with the squad…but where he leads them, you will never expect.

‘Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha’ no.1 & ‘Wolverine’ no.36

“Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha” no.1 written by Benjamin Percy. Art by Geoff Shaw, cover by Ryan Stegman. On Sale 8/9. “Wolverine” no.36 written by Benjamin Percy, penciled by Geoff Shaw. Cover by Ryan Stegman. On sale 8/30

Percy’s astounding work on “Wolverine” will also be kicked into high gear as the dire circumstances of “Fall of X” send Logan on the run and into a collison course with Ghost Rider. Alongside acclaimed artist Geoff Shaw, Percy will bring both his “Wolverine” and “Ghost Rider” runs together in a four-part epic: “Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance.”

A demonic serial killer is murdering innocent mutants. But what is it about this deadly new villain that forces our two heroes to team up? And what buried secret does he share with Wolverine and Ghost Rider’s never-before-seen very first meeting in the past? The crossover kicks off in August’s “Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha,” before unfolding in the pages of “Ghost Rider” no.17 and “Wolverine” no.36 and coming to a fiery conclusion in “Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Omega.”

‘Invincible Iron Man’ no.9

“Invincible Iron Man” no.9 written by Gerry Duggan. Art by Juan Frigeri, cover by Kael Ngu. On Sale 8/23

Fans also got a peek at Tony Stark’s new stealth armor on the cover of Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri’s “Invincible Iron Man” no.9. With Feilong in control of Stark Unlimited and using its resources to build Stark Sentinels, Tony Stark has proposed a new alliance with Emma Frost. Tony will play a key role during “Fall of X,” and his latest solo title impacts mutantkind’s new status quo in surprising ways.

Check out the covers now and stay tuned for more “Fall of X” announcements including news about titles launching this summer

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