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UK pauses their judicial reform in Israel following protests

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UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has decided to pause legislation to reform Israel’s judiciary following the slew of protests rocking the region.

“The UK welcomes the decision today by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pause legislation to reform Israel’s judiciary,” Cleverly stated. “The UK enjoys a deep and historic relationship with Israel. As the Prime Minister stressed in his meeting with PM Netanyahu last week, it is vital that the shared democratic values that underpin that relationship are upheld, and a robust system of checks and balances are preserved.”

Thousands of people protested across Israel starting Sunday night in a very public show of anger following the decision by the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to fire his defense minister after they called for a pause on plans to overhaul and reconstruct the country’s judiciary devision.

“We urge all parties to find common ground and seek a long-term compromise to this sensitive issue,” said Cleverly.

The plan to remake the courts, which would give Netanyahu’s government power to handpick judges, including those presiding over his corruption trial where he faces potential prison time, has marked liberal and secular Jewish Israelis against more right-wing and religiously conservative factions.

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