Choosing the Best Solar Panel System for You

Choosing the best solar panel system for you

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Solar panels are the invention of the future—and while it’s appealing to install them, sometimes, the number of options can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we know what separates certain systems from each other, so you can make an informed decision.

Read on to learn how to choose the best solar panel system for you.

On the grid

The vast majority of solar panel systems are connected to the grid, and with good reason. In general, there’s no need to set up a system powerful enough to completely negate your energy needs. This is because energy requirements fluctuate from season to season—while you may use a ton of power in the summer, you’ll produce far more than you need in the spring.

When you stay connected to the grid, you can either sell excess power to the grid or take the power you need from the grid on particularly high energy-use days. This is the best choice for the average homeowner.

Off the grid

When you go off the grid, you’re responsible for producing all the energy you need—if your panels can’t manage to make enough energy, your home will go dark until they make more. This type of system requires more panels and a solar battery storage system to avoid running out of energy.

This is best for people who want complete energy independence or live somewhere without access to a local grid.

Hybrid solar panel system

Hybrid solar systems maintain grid connection for the same “just in case” reason as on-the-grid systems but also add solar batteries. While this is an expensive option, you end up with the best of both worlds—a fallback and energy storage, should you need it. If money is no object, hybrid systems are usually the right choice.

Now that you know these tips for choosing the best solar panel system for you, start saving hundreds of dollars every year and install solar panels for your home!

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