The Best Things To Do Before Weight Loss Surgery

The best things to do before weight loss surgery

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Prepare for lifestyle changes and post-op recovery by following a few steps. Here are the best things to do before weight loss surgery!

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Lower your caloric intake

A major thing to expect after a weight loss procedure is a diet change. Whether you undergo malabsorptive or restrictive surgery, you will eat less. Adjust to the upcoming caloric deficit by lowering your daily calorie intake a little bit now. Doing so will prepare you for the post-op meal plan. Discuss the recommended caloric deficit with your surgeon to ensure it’s safe.

Create an exercise plan

Get into the habit of working out by creating an exercise plan. During post-op life, physical activity helps you maintain results. Start exercising before surgery and grow accustomed to movement. Instilling healthy habits will help you after the procedure.

Schedule a meeting with the surgeon

To understand the ins and outs of your procedure, it’s best to schedule a meeting with your surgeon. Ask questions and talk about various topics. For instance, one question to ask your doctor before weight loss surgery is, “Who do I contact about procedure complications?” Of course, everyone hopes for a safe recovery, but it’s still essential to think about obstacles. Planning for different scenarios and creating a course of action with the doctor is critical. After all, they understand how to treat surgical complications.

Join a support group

Weight loss surgery takes a toll on your mental and emotional health. Seek support from other bariatric patients by joining a support group. Long-term patients (two to three years post-op) understand the ups and downs of surgery. They can offer advice and emotional support to new patients like yourself. Find your local group and join before undergoing your procedure.

Prepare your home for post-op

Preparing your home for post-op recovery is a smart thing to do before weight loss surgery. Depending on the procedure, expect some downtime. To support recovery and prevent overexerting yourself, make sure your home life is comfortable. Relaxation is vital for healing, whether you prep meals, pre-purchase prescribed medications, or change your bed sheets. Furthermore, it’s best to take time off work to reduce stress.

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