How You Can Use Stickers for Event Promotion

How you can use stickers for event promotion

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In the age of digital marketing, it can be challenging to think of other ways to market your event. When promoting your event, you should strive for your flyers, posts, and other forms of marketing to stand out from the crowd. By having your marketing forms stand out, more people are likely to remember you, boosting awareness.

Making custom stickers for your event is a unique way to market your event. Stickers are a great novelty item that people can keep and collect over the years. Custom stickers with unique designs will help attract a larger audience and stick with them. If you’re managing an event shortly, here’s how to use stickers for event promotion.

Get creative with your designs

Finding the perfect balance between being wildly creative and simple is the way to go when using stickers to promote your event. The key is attracting attention to the sticker by displaying an eye-catching design representing the event. Since stickers are small, you should get your point across with a simple but detailed design—your potential attendee should get the message in one glance.

You can create different types of stickers about the same event too. Each sticker can represent an element of the event, or one sticker can glow in the dark. Get creative with your stickers and figure out how you can catch the eye of someone passing by.

Ensure the text is legible

You should have a simpler yet more creative design because you must add text to your sticker. You don’t want your sticker’s design to be so complex that no one bothers to look at the text. The text on your sticker should have the event’s name, the time it takes place, and the location.

Tip: You should use bold typography to help your text stand out.

Build excitement around your event

As an event promoter, you should build excitement around your event by passing out stickers at other events and marketing your event differently. For example, if you’re supporting a children’s sports tournament, you can promote the game a month in advance by creating specialty stickers and hosting a scavenger hunt to find them!

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