How To Properly Clean Your Heavy Construction Equipment

How to properly clean your heavy construction equipment

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Your heavy construction equipment will inevitably get dirty on the job site. However, using proper cleaning methods allows the machine to perform efficiently.

Aside from efficiency, keeping the equipment clean will also help the company spot any issues or broken parts more quickly.

Construct a wash station

It is best to have a dedicated washing area for your construction machinery. This area should have three walls so your soap and water do not run into other sections of your business. In addition, any polluted water with contaminants will reach the drain basins first before leaking onto other materials and equipment.

Pry away large debris

Do not jump right into washing with water. You will first need to remove any large, dried-up pieces of clay, soil, and dirt. Do a quick inspection of the heavy construction equipment and start to pry away and loosen the debris. You cannot properly clean the machines if pieces of clay and dirt are stuck on them.

Pressure washer and cleaning agents

One of the best tools to remove dirt and debris from your equipment is a pressure washer. The owner’s manual for the construction machinery will guide you on what cleaning agents you should use to wash the gear. You do not need to go overboard with the detergents. Use enough to remove dirt and grime, and the pressure washer can do the rest.

Don’t forget the cab

The outside is not the only place that will get dirty on the equipment. Once you clean the outside, don’t forget to check on the cab. Remove any items or materials inside to free the space from clutter. Then, wipe down surfaces and vacuum up any smaller dirt particles.

Cleaning your equipment and removing dirt and grime will allow the machine to run more efficiently and perform better. Check the owner’s manual for specific instructions if you have a specialty rig or are unsure what cleaning technique to use. Schedule regular cleanings to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

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