Must-Visit Lakes Near the Blue Ridge Mountains

Must-visit lakes near the Blue Ridge Mountains

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When you’re planning a getaway to the lush, green Blue Ridge Mountains, you have to consider the different activities in the area.

There are many typical activities to do, such as hiking and camping, but exploring the area’s parks and lakes can elevate your experience. Let’s explore some of the must-visit lakes near the Blue Ridge Mountains to make your getaway one to remember!

Blue Ridge Lake

Blue Ridge Lake offers guests a lot of adventure and rejuvenation. This lake sits at the end of the Chattahoochee River and covers roughly 3,300 acres. From fishing and sailing to swimming and camping, there are so many things to do here that everyone on your trip will be able find something they enjoy. One popular activity is fishing because of the vast waters and rivers that connect in the area.

Lake Glenville

You can find Lake Glenville a little farther north, up in North Carolina. There isn’t as much water as Blue Ridge Lake, but this is a great spot to spend some downtime if you’re looking for an easy day. Because the waters are relatively calm, Lake Glenville is home to more peaceful water activities.

Lake Santeetlah

Lake Santeetlah is the most suitable option for people seeking tranquility and scenic views. This smaller body of water is best-known for its surrounding mountain views and calm, crystal-clear waters. You can rent a canoe or kayak, camp along the lake, or go white-water rafting if you need adventure. Many cyclists love this particular area for its curvy roadways and lush greenery.

Lake Lure

Lake Lure is popular for boating, accepting both motorized and non-motorized boats. Many visitors enjoy this body of water for its sandy beaches and wide-open swimming and sunning areas. If you can’t bring a boat with you but want to enjoy one for the day, consider using one of the boat rental companies in the area.

Fontana Lake

Get ready for a busy day or weekend at this must-visit lake. Fontana Lake is the largest lake area in North Carolina and an easy drive from any location in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It covers roughly 12,000 acres and has made several appearances in Hollywood films. Here, you can enjoy any water activity and experience everything the lake has to offer. Because of the lake’s size, there are many swimming, boating, and fishing locations along with designated camping and hiking spots.

When you’re planning your next mountain getaway, don’t forget to make time for a lake adventure. No matter which Blue Ridge Mountain lake you visit, you’re in for an experience. Each body of water offers a unique view of the mountains and forest and gives everyone who visits something to remember.

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