Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Motorcycle maintenance tasks you can do yourself

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There are few things more liberating than the open road on your motorcycle. If you expect to do this for years to come, maintaining your bike correctly is crucial.

Some things like an engine repair or part replacement are best left to the professionals, but there are certain tasks you can handle yourself. Explore some of these simple tasks and discover how performing them regularly will help keep your motorcycle in fantastic shape.

Washing and detailing

An essential aspect of proper motorcycle maintenance is washing and detailing. Bikes must be scrubbed, rinsed, polished, and waxed to keep their exterior features pristine and well-protected. This is especially true when considering the level of exposure motorcycles experience each time you go for a ride.

It’s wise to invest in essential detailing products—like pH-balanced shampoos and polish—and schedule regular washes for your bike. How often you should clean your motorcycle depends on how often you drive it. Typically, washing your motorcycle once every two weeks is an excellent place to start.

Changing your oil

Changing your oil is another motorcycle maintenance task you can do yourself. Like cars and trucks, your bike requires oil filter replacements and oil changes periodically. Neglecting to do can negatively impact your engine’s health. Fortunately, topping off your bike with fresh oil and replacing its filter is relatively simple for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

First, check to see if the oil needs to be replaced. If it does, drain the old oil from your reservoir. Second, remove the old filter and top everything off with your chosen oil. Doing this regularly will ensure that your engine stays clean and in excellent condition for as long as possible. Trust us, your engine will thank you.

Checking the tire pressure  

Checking tire pressure is another motorcycle maintenance task you can do yourself. In fact, this is incredibly important for keeping your bike in excellent shape, and for your safety on the road. After all, motorcycles only have two wheels rather than the four that a car has. Thus, you must give those two wheels the time and attention they deserve.

Similar to the other tasks mentioned in this guide, maintaining your tires is relatively easy. To check their pressure, figure out the ideal pressure measurements for your bike. Then, use a tire-pressure gauge or monitoring system to see if their current pressure is within the appropriate range. You can use your own meter if you have one, but many gas stations also have these tools available for a modest fee.

If your tire pressure isn’t where it should be, inspect the tires more closely for damage. If you can’t find the problem yourself, take it to a tire mechanic for examination. They’ll be able to tell you what the specific issue is and what can be done to fix it. 

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