The 5 Most Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

The 5 most common cannabis growing mistakes

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Growing cannabis is much trickier than one would first perceive. These plants require a lot of maintenance to be kept alive—especially if you want to yield an abundance of buds from the plant.

Before you begin this journey, understand the common mistakes of nurturing these plants so you can grow strong and healthy cannabis.

Poor climate conditions

Temperature and humidity are extensive factors contributing to the quality of your cannabis. The ideal temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit; anything above or below could stunt the plant’s growth. Growers often choose to start their process inside their homes because they can control the humidity and temperature better. Each stage in the growth process is different, and growing the plant inside allows you to influence the situation more.

Too many nutrients

As a first-time grower, finding the right balance of nutrients to feed the cannabis will be challenging. It may seem like the more nutrients you add to your water or soil, the healthier the plant will be. However, this is not always the case, and too many nutrients could be detrimental to the plant. Only use organic fertilizers, like compost, because they will slowly release the nutrients over time instead of overfeeding them right away with supplements and chemicals.

Excessive amounts of water

Every plant is different and requires different levels of water to stay healthy. Too much water will drown the plant’s roots, cause root rot, and eventually kill the cannabis. To determine how much to water your plants, consider refraining from watering them for a few days and only water them once you notice the leaves starting to look wilted. This gives you the ideal time frame for watering the cannabis.

Not enough light

For cannabis to produce large buds, it will need a large quantity of light. If you notice the plants looking long, thin, and stretching upward, they most likely need more sunlight. You can control the light with LED bulbs inside or move the plants to a sunnier area on your farm.

Using the wrong equipment

If you plan on having a substantially large farm, you could benefit from an automated bud sorter or a bud trimmer. Manual labor is rewarding, but only when you harvest a small number of plants. Keep your cannabis healthy by using equipment specifically designed for harvesting and maintaining your plants.

Growing cannabis plants are not easy to maintain or keep healthy—you must always keep a keen eye on them and look for common mistakes you could be making. If one technique is not working, keep trying until you find a routine that cultivates quality cannabis.

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