The Most Interesting Movies That Star Dinosaurs

The most interesting movies that star dinosaurs

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There are thousands and thousands of amazing movies with brilliant actors and stories, but there’s something special about a film with dinosaurs.

Whether it’s an action flick or a children’s cartoon, everyone can enjoy seeing giant extinct animals come back to life on screen. Here are some of the most interesting movies that have dinosaurs and my personal favorites.

‘The Land Before Time’

Starting off with a classic children’s movie, “The Land Before Time” is one of the best movies for live talking dinosaurs. It follows the orphan dinosaur Littlefoot as he searches for the paradise “Great Valley”. Along the way, the dinosaur finds and brings along several friends to search with him in this hour-long tear-jerker family comedy.

‘Jurassic Park’ Series

You may already know about the “Jurassic Park” series as it spans several decades with many extremely successful titles. This movie series is all about scientists creating a park in current day with actual live dinosaurs as the main attraction. This action-packed movie series doesn’t stop there as people need to deal with the variety of dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era chasing them down. Keep in mind the several horror-like scenes that may not be appropriate for people of all ages.

‘The Good Dinosaur’

A more recent film, The Good Dinosaur, is Pixar’s most recent look into dinosaurs on the big screen. When the asteroid that kills all the dinosaurs on earth doesn’t hit, humans now walk amongst the dinosaur’s civilization. So, when a child dinosaur accidentally separates from his family and meets a human child, they need to band together to get back home.

‘We’re Back’

This movie isn’t as famous as the others on this list, but it’s a personal favorite and any child will love it. This movie follows four dinosaurs brought to New York by time travel and given a potion to increase their intelligence. However, will everyone welcome them into the big apple, and can they live a good life when others have different plans for them.

These are the most interesting movies with dinosaurs, crossing a variety of genres and target audiences. Each of these movies is someone’s favorite, and you can easily see why once you watch them for yourself. So, find them at your local library or online and pop them in for a great movie night starring some ancient beasts.

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