The Best Drinks To Keep You Hydrated While Cycling

The best drinks to keep you hydrated while cycling

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When you’re cycling for extended periods of time, hydration is critical. You have a few different options for giving your body the liquid and electrolytes it needs to keep going.

To help you choose, this article will review the best drinks to keep you hydrated while you’re cycling. Just remember that you need to know how to safely drink while you’re cycling in order to both stay hydrated and avoid injury.

Water and electrolytes

It’s no secret that water is the best thing to drink when you’re dehydrated, but water alone can’t refuel your energy tank. In fact, if you’re low on vitamins and electrolytes, your body might become more dehydrated just by trying to process the water. You’ll need to consume some sodium to help your body refuel by turning to an electrolyte drink. These beverages often contain sodium, potassium, and other important fuel sources to keep your body going. Just remember to pair an electrolyte drink with some sort of carb while you’re out riding, as the drink alone won’t provide you with enough calories.

Hydration tabs

Hydration tabs and powders are perfect for relieving dehydration quickly. They contain carbohydrates, which help the body transport sodium and water. However, these hydration tabs won’t give you enough carbs to last for a long ride.

Carb drinks

A carb drink mix is the best way to get all the carbs, sodium, and hydration you need. However, overloading on carbs can cause cramps, bloating, and an upset stomach. Ultimately, keeping both a carb drink and a water bottle on hand is best. This mixture will help your body produce a stable amount of glycogen, the ever-important precursor to glucose. The more glucose your body has, the more energy you have in the tank.

At the end of the day, you should drink or eat whatever fuels you. Just remember that water, carbs, and electrolytes are musts to keep you going. Now that you know the best drinks to keep yourself hydrated while you’re cycling, you’re armed with the knowledge you need to ride better, faster, and longer.

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