What To Know Before Starting Your First Greenhouse

What to know before starting your first greenhouse

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If you’re looking to start your first greenhouse, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Building your first greenhouse can be a considerable undertaking, but it’s a worthwhile investment to grow plants or even start a greenhouse business.

This is what to know before starting your first greenhouse. Be informed before you grow.

Getting your greenhouse

Getting a greenhouse is the first step to starting your greenhouse, but what do you need? If you’re looking to start a small greenhouse for your home, you can build your greenhouse from scratch. However, if you’re looking for something larger or planning to go into business, many farm and ranch suppliers sell large greenhouses so you can get started. The first step is to secure your greenhouse!

Get some thermometers

Thermometers are a crucial part of managing a greenhouse, and you’ll want to invest in a few to get started on your project. Thermometers will tell you when your greenhouse is getting too cold or when you need to let out some heat or try to shade plants. Investing in a few thermometers is one of the most vital steps of greenhouse gardening.

Invest in temperature control

If you’re looking to extend your growing season into the winter months, you’ll want to invest in an electric or gas heater. An evaporative cooling system can also help if you live somewhere with sweltering summers. Control the temperature in your greenhouse to get the longest growing seasons possible.

Invest in additional lighting

If you plan on growing into late fall and winter, the amount of daylight may not be enough for your plants to photosynthesize properly. Investing in additional light sources could be wise if your winters are particularly dark. Keep your plants happy with plenty of light.

Start with easy plants

Starting your learning process with the most accessible plants will make all the difference in your confidence as a greenhouse gardener. Start growing simple plants like lettuce or tomatoes that require less time and energy before taking on the more difficult ones. You’ll learn a lot in the beginning, so start with something simple.

Start your own seeds

Planting your own seeds is one of the most important things to know before starting your first greenhouse. Planting your own seeds helps reduce the chances of bringing in pests from another location. Seed your own plants, and your plants will be ready to grow in your greenhouse. Make sure to seed more plants than you need, as some seeds won’t correctly germinate.

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