Clothing Considerations for Extremely Cold Weather

Clothing considerations for extremely cold weather

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As the darkest months continue to rage on, outside climate factors risk our personal safety and well-being. Here are some vital clothing considerations for extremely cold weather to help prevent injuries and keep you warm and cozy.


Your head and feet are the quickest to lose heat due to their placement on the extremes of your body. By wearing a hat, you are trapping all of that heat and effectively insulating your body warmth, along with supplementing heat to your ears. There are many fashionable hat options, but wool and cotton hats are likely your best bet for warmth, comfort, and protection from the cold.


The proper snow boots can prevent severe injury and leave you more comfortable while spending time outside. Boots cover the other end of your extremities, and when paired with warm socks, can keep your toes warm and free of frostbite. Winter boots also help you maintain traction when you trudge through the snow, further combating winter-related accidents.


The first part of your body to lose warmth when outside during the winter is your hands. Gloves are great for keeping your fingers warm by insulating heat. They allow you to continue working with your hands when they would otherwise be frozen stiff by cold metal, snow, and wind. Leather gloves with gripped undersides are best for doing work around the house, and they also work well with touchscreen phones.


Sweaters are great for remaining warm, snug, and cozy underneath a winter coat. This layer of protection safeguards vulnerable areas from biting winds and snowfall, and they are quite comfortable and fashionable. To take it a step further, opt for a darker color to absorb sunlight and maintain a pleasant, warm body temperature throughout the day and night.


One of the most important defenses against the cold is a proper winter coat. Certain synthetic fabrics like fleece help block the wind and insulate you from the cold. By thwarting the wind, you’ll be able to stay outside for longer at an optimal body temperature.

Using these clothing considerations for extremely cold weather, your winter will be spent having fun outside and not suffering from illness or injury. Ultimately, a perfect balance of fashion, comfort, and quality is key when picking out layers and other winter gear.

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