US Cities Where You Don’t Need To Own a Car

US cities where you don’t need to own a car

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If you’re fed up with all the costs associated with owning a car, you’re not alone. Gas has become increasingly more expensive, not to mention all the expenses related to maintenance.

Never fear—good news is here. A car isn’t an absolute necessity in a number of cities in the United States. You can work, buy groceries, visit friends, and engage in entertainment—all without a personal vehicle. Read on to learn more about the top US cities where you don’t need to own a car.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you love to ride a personal e-bike, you’ll be in heaven in Philadelphia. The city has plenty of bicycle infrastructure in place, including bike lanes. There’s also the Indego bike-share program to promote more cycling.

If you need to travel a bit farther than usual, Philly has you covered with SEPTA, the city’s vast public transportation network. You won’t have any trouble finding a ride should you need one. Keep in mind that Philadelphia is also one of the most walkable cities in the USA. If you choose to reside in Center City West, you’ll have the easiest time getting around on foot.

San Francisco, California

In San Fran, Tenderloin and Downtown–Union Square are highly walkable neighborhoods. Downtown is also quite pedestrian friendly. The city has adequate biking infrastructure, making it a paradise for cyclists. You can find a slew of safe paths for riders around the city.

Various Muni buses are ideal for inner-city transit. These are compact buses that are highly fuel efficient. You can also catch a ride on the Metro train, cable car, or streetcar. If you’re without a way to get around, you’re in luck with one of the many electric scooters located around the city.

Portland, Oregon

As one of the most livable cities in America, the so-called “Silicon Forest” is a large city with a small-town community feel. Portland’s transit system—known as TriMet—operates hundreds of buses. Public transportation is a breeze, with miles of rail services and two-line streetcar systems.

As one of the nation’s greenest lifestyle communities, Portland is a prime candidate for the best bike city. Cyclists can pedal on hundreds of miles of pathways for easy commuting.

New York City, New York

Without a doubt, New York City is the number one US city where you don’t need a car. NYC’s claim to fame is its rank as the most walkable city in the US. Many of its millions of citizens don’t own vehicles. If you live in New York, you’re a short walk away from everything you need.

Cyclists will also find 1,200 miles of bike lanes and paths crisscrossing throughout the city. Beyond that, New York City is famous for having one of the most robust public transportation systems in the world.

All things considered, these are the top US cities where you don’t need to own a car. So if you’re ready to help out the environment and save money by getting rid of your vehicle, any one of these cities may be perfect for you.

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