Tips and Tricks for Leveling Up Your Sandwich Game

Tips and tricks for leveling up your sandwich game

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If you’re in the kitchen wondering what to eat for dinner, don’t default to a boring chicken breast and veggies! Try a sandwich that will satisfy you and have you coming back for more.

It’s okay to eat more than one sandwich, too—we know you want to. Follow these tips and tricks for leveling up your sandwich game to switch up your weeknight meals!

Sprinkle on new seasonings

Put away the salt and pepper! Try adding oregano, garlic, or even a bit of basil to give your sandwich a burst of flavor. You don’t need too much; just sprinkle bit by bit until you achieve the taste you’re looking for.

Spice it up

Add sriracha, peppers, or some classic hot sauce to your sandwich to really heat up your meal. Adding spice to your sandwich can make it more flavorful and mouthwatering. Add a little bit of spice at a time to reach a heat level you can handle.

Use different textures

The perfect sandwich doesn’t just include a balance of flavors; it also incorporates a healthy mixture of textures. For example, try adding chips to the middle of the sandwich if you need a little extra crunch!

Grill it

Nothing is better than a nice hot sandwich! You can pop your sandwich in the oven, into a hot pan, or even on a portable grill to melt the ingredients together, making for a deluxe, juicy sandwich.

Switch up the sides

Dinner is all about the meal as a whole. For example, many people enjoy burgers and fries because the two pair well together. If you have a turkey sandwich, you might consider having a cup of soup, chips, popcorn, or even a pickle on the side. Blending the flavors will help you reach a leveled-up meal.

Add jam

This one might sound simple, but we promise it’s delicious. You might already add jam to a PB and J sandwich, but try adding jam to grilled cheese! Different jams taste great with different types of sandwiches. There are many seasonal jam flavors that you can add to your sandwiches to give them that extra oomph!

With these tips and tricks for leveling up your sandwich game, you’ll never have a boring sandwich ever again!

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