Sparking Generosity: Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back

Sparking generosity: Ways small businesses can give back

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Businesses from every market can do many things to show their support for a growing community, such as finding new ways to give back.

Let’s explore this idea of sparking generosity in customers and employers by unlocking the most innovative ways small businesses can give back.

Encourage Team Members To Volunteer

The great thing about volunteering is doing it with friends and family, especially co-workers. When the time comes to volunteer, encourage every employee to step up and donate their time to an organization or charity event.

Set Up a Timeframe

A good thing about volunteering is that it occurs at any time of the year. As a result, plan your volunteering opportunities on a timely basis, such as placing everything inside of a calendar.

Focus your energy on preparing volunteer opportunities on one of these timetables:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Annually

With each future opportunity, your business’s community involvement flourishes, and you reap the benefits of being one of many local organizations that supports the community consistently.

Start a Charity Drive

For many, one of the most engaging ways small businesses can give back, create joy, and even inspire more kindness in the community is hosting a charity drive. There are many avenues to take when starting a campaign, such as books, clothing, and food.

The Benefit of Charity Drives

An added benefit of throwing a charity drive has to be the chance to collaborate with other team members and brainstorm new ways to give back.

Also, starting a drive won’t cost a lot, and it makes a great tax write-off for many local companies.

Consider Donating Small Profits

There’s a likely chance your community has one or two local charities or organizations they support. If you have a little extra from earned profits this past quarter, consider donating that small amount to a charity or organization.

When small companies give donations, it makes a huge impact, especially if a group raises money for a particular cause.

Share Your Expertise With Others

Community members won’t always know what resources to look into for particular skills, such as running their own business. So, to help close the lack of resources gap, find a space to hold a class or two on a skill you consider yourself an expert.

For example, you might be the best at money management, so hosting an afterschool program for students to learn about budgeting and saving money. Holding a class to teach new skills helps others learn something new.

The next course of action is to plan your next steps to deciding how you to give back to the community. Every small business flourishes through regular volunteering and dedicating time to developing a stronger and more generous society.

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