Basic Techniques That Every Barber Should Know

Basic techniques that every barber should know 

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A career in hair care offers individuals a rewarding job with many benefits. A good barber can make a great living with superb financial security.

This field requires many hours of training and education, but the hard work is worth it. If you’re looking to pursue a cosmetology career, check out the basic techniques that every barber should know.  

Clipper and Scissor Over Comb 

Every barber uses the over comb method, as it helps you shave or trim hair accurately and efficiently. The comb stabilizes your equipment, allowing precision and better shaping. This process is more effective than using razor guards, as it gives you better control over length. 

Like the clipper over comb technique, scissor over comb is an accurate way to trim and texturize hair. With shears, you can square hair more effectively and blend sides flawlessly. This method is an essential skill for barbers, and, luckily, it’s easy to master. 


Every good barber offers slick shape-ups that complete any hairstyle. However, this technique is challenging considering there is no room for error—if you mess up the shaping, you ruin the whole haircut. This is why barbers spend hours perfecting their steady hands and keen eyes. 

After creating the shape, a barber uses a straight razor to clean up the edges. Most barbers “eye” straight lines instead of measuring, so a hair care specialist must have a good sense of angles. 

Hair Manipulation 

The best barbers create unique styles no matter the customer and their hair type. To accomplish this, a barber must be skilled in hair manipulation techniques. For instance, blending sides using different lengths is essential for clean undercuts and top-heavy hairdos. 

Texturing is a method that adds thickness and definition to a haircut. You can achieve this technique through side cutting and shear dragging. Remember that adding texture to long hair is different from short or medium hair, so determine the best plan of attack for each patron. 

Once equipped with the basic techniques every barber should know, you can confidently pursue a successful career. Ultimately, you must possess a passion for your craft to enjoy your work. With that drive, you’ll be cutting hair professionally in no time. 

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