The Most Prestigious Caribbean Destinations To Buy a Home

The most prestigious Caribbean destinations to buy a home

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The Caribbean islands are a well-known getaway destination, but for those who leave the hotel and see what else each island has to offer, it’s clear: owning a home in the Caribbean is an entirely different level of luxury.

Here are three of the most prestigious Caribbean destinations to buy a home as countries open back up to travel.

Luxury Living in Saint Barts

Saint Barthélemy is rarely the first island to come to mind when you think Caribbean luxury. Still, this French-speaking island offers an air of affluence that is difficult to rival. Red roofs frame serene blue waters and vibrant plant life across the island’s lush green hills. On a level all its own, St. Barts welcomes yachters, hikers, and surfers alike to experience luxury living in a way they won’t find anywhere else.

Extravagant Villas in Barbados

Barbados manages the difficult task of juggling a laid-back, comfortable culture and extravagant events year-round. Even with constant festivals and famous diners, residents of the island find there’s far more to this luxury destination than it seems. Each island area offers a different experience, with some areas boasting unparalleled prestige you can find nowhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or a hobby scuba diver, Barbados has the amenities, parties, and lifestyle you’re looking for.

Sunny Days in Aruba

Aruba may have flat lands and a notable lack of rivers dividing the country, but there is still plenty to discover on this island. Resting just outside of the typical hurricane zones, Aruba sports a wide array of all-inclusive resorts and experiences that only add to the island’s affluence. When you choose to buy a home on the island, you find yourself with everyday access to a seven-mile-long beach, shockingly clear waters, and a number of flamingos on Flamingo Beach.

This year, there are several options for those looking for the most prestigious Caribbean destinations to buy a home. Many of these nations offer unique incentives for foreigners to visit long-term or take up residency on the island. If you’ve dreamed of waking up each morning to stick your toes in the sand, now is the time to start shopping.

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