How To Easily Heat and Cool Your New Addition

How to easily heat and cool your new addition

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There are so many great reasons to build a new home addition. When you do so, don’t forget climate control.

No matter where you live, there are always cold nights and hot days at some point. We have a few ideas for how to easily heat and cool your new addition, so you can stay comfortable in your new space.

Extend the Ductwork

If you have a traditional ductwork HVAC system in your home, you can extend it into your new home addition. However, make the decision before the building begins; it’ll be easier to install. Putting in ductwork behind walls and ceilings that have already been installed is very difficult, costly, and messy.

Window Unit Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

An air conditioner and heat pump aren’t the same thing. Don’t let the name “heat pump” confuse you. Heat pumps are designed to both heat and cool. An air conditioner, however, only cools. If cool air is all that’s needed, both choices work well in an addition. If both heating and cooling are necessary, go with the heat pump. The greatest benefit of both is there’s no need for ductwork.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are also called portable heaters. They conveniently heat rooms as you need them. Propane and electric are the two most common types of space heaters. However, be careful when you use them—they can be dangerous when unattended or when they’re not turned off after use.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans aren’t only designed to cool. When directed counterclockwise they push down cool air, which is perfect in the summer. In the colder months, you can switch the direction clockwise so it’ll circulate warm air. Ceiling fans come with a small switch to make the change easy.

Wood-Burning Stove

Make your new home addition cozy in the winter with a classic wood-burning stove. They look charming and give off wonderful heat. However, one downside of having a wood-burning stove is the need for a generous wood supply to get you through the winter. It can be a hassle to procure that much wood, so take that into consideration.

Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits are perfect for regulating the temperature in one room. They’re one of the best ways to heat and cool your new addition. They each come with their own thermostat for excellent individual control. Best of all, no ductwork is required. Mini-splits are designed to blend in easily in any room and installation is quick and simple. They’re also energy-efficient which helps during harsher weather.

As you design your new addition, think about how you’ll keep the room comfortable. Every room should be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Choose a heating and cooling option that’s right for you.

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