Essential PPE Needed for Spray Foam Installation

Essential PPE needed for spray foam installation

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Whether you’re preparing for a professional spray foam installation job or you’re starting a DIY project at home, you need to have the right gear for the job. Working with spray foam can be hazardous if you’re not careful.

To prepare for the job, make sure you know the essential PPE needed for spray foam installation.

What Is PPE?

PPE, or “personal protective equipment,” is the safety gear one wears to protect oneself during a dangerous job or under hazardous conditions. PPE is commonly utilized in a lot of industrial-level work due to the intense environments and equipment that these employees work with. One of these fields is spray foam insulation application because of the elevated temperatures that spray foam can reach and its unique application process.

Facial Protection

During its application, spray foam can become hazardous to your eyes, face, and airway due to its chemical makeup. This is why it’s important to wear the proper facial protection, including safety goggles, a face shield, a respirator, or a combination of all three. Always spray foam in a well-ventilated area so that the foam can off-gas properly—this should only take about a day.

Body Protection

Because most spray foams need to be heated for application, fresh spray foam can be extremely hot to the touch. Due to its chemical makeup and the high temperature, you need to avoid direct skin contact with your spray foam material. Always wear a full bodysuit and coveralls during the application process as a part of the proper PPE for spray foaming.


Sometimes gloves and other accessories come separate from your bodysuit PPE. Make sure you wear gloves that protect your hands and arms from spray foam contact. You may also want shoe covers to complete the full-body PPE wardrobe.

Having the proper PPE on the job is one of the essential spray foam safety tips to remember. If you follow the right safety procedures and don all the essential PPE needed for spray foam installation, your job is sure to be a smooth and productive one.

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