How To Prevent an Electrical Fire at Home

How to prevent an electrical fire at home

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Any home—no matter what its age—can be at risk of electrical problems and electrical fires. It’s important to make sure that you can recognize the signs of a home electrical fire and that you know how to prevent one.

Follow these tips on how to prevent an electrical fire at home to keep your family safe and to protect your home from damage.

Electrical Outlet Safety

Electrical outlets can become warn over time and might need replacing, otherwise they are risks for electrical fires. Note if any of your plug-ins start to feel loose or if the outlet is broken or damaged. These are signs to call a repairman. If you have any children at home, pick up some outlet covers to prevent children from playing with outlets.

Take Care with Electrical Cords

Because we can’t see the wiring inside, sometimes it can be hard to tell when cords and cables are damaged. Never use wiring that’s cracked or frayed, as these can cause electrical hazards such as shocks and electrocution. Plus, they’re fire hazards. Never use extension cords as permanent solutions to a lack of electrical outlets. And never staple electrical cords to walls, furniture, or other surfaces, as this can break their protective coating.

Repair Any Faulty Electronics

When you go to plug in an electronic appliance and feel a small electric shock, this could be a sign of damage to the wiring or to the appliance itself. If this happens often, you should unplug the appliance and get it inspected—it might need repairs. Your home’s wiring itself can also become damaged with age. If you notice any popping sounds or flickering lights near your electrical outlets, schedule an electrical inspection; these can be signs of an electrical issue in your home.

Make sure you keep an eye and ear out for signs of electrical hazards when you’re inspecting your home. Follow these tips on how to prevent an electrical fire at home to minimize the chance of an electrical fire in your home and to be prepared for any accidents.

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