The Different Types of Industrial Injuries

The different types of industrial injuries

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It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide appropriate training and safety gear when necessary to the job. But sometimes, even after the employer follows all the proper steps, accidents can and will happen.

These are the different types of industrial injuries you could encounter and should be aware of.

Industrial Accidents

In 2013, roughly 4,405 workers died while on the job, and industrial accidents make up the majority of this number. Following proper workplace safety protocols and increasing and maintaining employee education programs help avoid these accidents.

It’s also necessary to note that manufacturing defects, a lack of equipment maintenance, and poorly constructed equipment play a role in industrial injuries. If you’re the victim of an industrial injury, it’s essential to seek assistance.

Falling Objects

Something many people don’t often consider is a falling object. It isn’t every day that we wake up and anticipate something falling on our heads. But this can happen, especially in the workplace. Storing things up high or using improper placement poses a risk of things coming loose and dropping at the wrong time. The damages of a heavy object falling on your head are potentially life-threatening.

Improper Technique

One of the most common industrial injuries affects an individual’s back. The result of improper lifting can wreak havoc on one’s spine. It’s critical to provide proper training in lifting to prevent injury later. Though it’s difficult to always have eyes on you as you work, it’s essential to have extra help to ensure you’re not overexerting yourself in your task.

Slips and Falls

It’s best to consider non-slip footwear regardless of the surface of the floor. Properly cleaning on a regular basis is vital. Things like spills, loose hardware, and debris are potentially dangerous. Consider high traffic areas such as workstations, stairways, and aisleways.

Taking shortcuts, improper material handling, fatigue, and misuse of equipment are just a few examples of how an accident can happen. Without proper education and continued guidance, it’s even easier to fall victim to the different types of industrial injuries.

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