Pet-Friendly Additions To Consider When Renovating

Pet-friendly additions to consider when renovating

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Our animals are so much more than pets—they’re our family members and valued residents of the house as much as our kids and loved ones. You should consider pet-centric home additions for your special fur babies.

Designing specific amenities for your animals not only increases their quality of life but can actually improve the quality of yours and the condition of your home. Check out these pet-friendly additions to consider when renovating.

Pet-Friendly Mudroom

Any parent knows that a proper mudroom is extremely important for keeping the rest of the house clean, especially with young children. The same rule applies to our animals, as they’re notorious for tracking mud, water, and other outside objects throughout the home. A pet-friendly mudroom is optimized for animal care, with features such as an area for cleaning, plenty of hooks for leashes and poop bags, and cabinet space for storage of food, treats, and toys.

Mudrooms are the perfect opportunity to install a gate that prevents your pet from zooming around the home before a proper wipe down or cleaning. The best part about these rooms is that they can still be attractive while serving a vital function.

Animal Shower

If your animal is especially prone to attracting dirt and mud, a specialized animal shower is essential. These showers are specially designed for cleaning pets and feature a smaller stall or tub with a shower handle that makes washing a breeze. As mentioned above, a washing station is perfect for the mudroom but can also be implemented in an existing bathroom or the laundry room.

The benefits of having an animal shower go further than keeping your home clean—they save you the cost of constant grooming at the pet spa. Washing your pet is an activity that brings the two of you closer together and allows you to manage their cleanliness on your own schedule.

Feeding Station

Laying out two bowls in the corner of your kitchen is entirely sufficient for feeding your fur baby, but there are far more advantages of installing a dedicated feeding station. For starters, this eliminates constant spills and loose kibble throughout the busiest room in the house.

A feeding station can be installed underneath a kitchen island, within their own area, or in a bathroom. Consider implementing cabinet space for food storage or even adding an automated water fountain and food dispenser.

Hardy Materials

Pet-friendly additions to consider when renovating don’t solely include amenities specific to them. There are many design choices throughout the home that are optimal for longevity because they are built to withstand animal wear and tear. For example, there are many hardwood flooring options that cater to the needs of your animals and are designed to counteract damages.

These pet-friendly additions make their lives far better and can reduce animal-related costs and challenges. Your dream home is, first and foremost, a sanctuary conducive to raising a happy and healthy family—why shouldn’t its design also cater to our cutest family members?

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