Minneapolis deals with rat infestation

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On September 28, the City of Minneapolis met with Environmental Pest Management (Bug Tech) to inspect commercial and residential lots in the 3700-3900 blocks of Elliot and Chicago Avenues. 

The site visit was performed to have a pest professional search for rats, rat harborage and food sources and determine a course of action for removal.

Two sites were identified as harborage locations and both are located on residential lots. Both sites had overgrown vegetation on them or nearby and food sources within 50-100 feet of the nests. The nests are located underground and can be identified by multiple entry and exit points. Below is an example of one of the nests.

n the coming weeks, Bug Tech will begin to lay bait stations and traps in hopes of reducing the population. The City of Minneapolis will be paying the costs of these services, so there will be no charges to homeowners or business owners. The City is reportedly committed to supporting this effort this fall, winter and into spring of 2022. 

Property owners within the immediate area of the nesting sites have already been contacted about baiting and trapping.

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