‘Titans’ season 3 delivers another solid episode with ‘Lady Vic’

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Season 3, episode 6 of “Titans,” titled “Lady Vic,” is yet another solid episode to add to this season’s repertoire. While it’s not a perfect episode, it gives more background to a beloved character and starts to establish a new character’s place in the Titans family.

This review contains spoilers for season 3, episode 6 of ‘Titans’

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Episode 6 goes back and forth between the past and the present, giving a nuanced look at Barbara Gordon and the strained relationship between her and Dick Grayson. Of course, fans know that these characters share a past, but many were curious on how “Titans” would explore their relationship.

The episode begins by showing the extra strain between Dick and Barbara after he went AWOL with Red Hood and Scarecrow. Flashbacks show Barbar in her prime, acting as a cat burglar to prove how lax security is to her father, the police commissioner. Dick and Barbara meet when he tries to foil her plans, of course, and Barbara tries to recruit Dick to join her in her exploits. And eventually, he does. But unfortunately, things go wrong on a routine heist when Lady Vic and her partner interfere with Dick and Barbara, leading to Lady Vic’s partner’s death.

Now working for Scarecrow, Lady Vic comes to Gotham City with a grudge against Barbara, leading to a confrontation with the police commissioner when Lady Vic tricks her into a meeting. Savannah Welch delivers a great performance as Barbara and she gets an amazing fight scene against Lady Vic that showcases her capability. This scene was the best part of the episode, and it was an excellent choice not to have Dick show up to save the day, proving Barbara is completely capable of protecting herself.

On the other side of Gotham City, Kory is busy with Blackfire and acclimating her to Wayne Manor and the Titans team. Damaris Lewis continues to be stellar as Blackfire, as she plays a reluctant figure, goading her sister every chance she gets. But she’s also trying to figure out where she fits in the Titans team. Blackfire and Connor seem to share a kinship, as Connor explains how the team is a family where everyone has shared and equal respect.

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The episode also showcases more of Scarecrow being the puppet master, but it’s clear that Red Hood is starting to get tired of someone else pulling his strings. In a shocking ending to the episode, Jason strikes out on his own, selling anti-fear toxin to Gotham City criminals. But this decision immediately leads to Tim Drake’s family being attacked at their restaurant as Jason watches from outside and does nothing. 

By episode 6, Jason sold out Batman after a misunderstanding, has killed civilians, killed a Titan, became a drug dealer, and is complicit in a major character’s family’s possible deaths. This episode affirms that Jason is no longer redeemable and hopefully, “Titans” sticks to their guns with this character. 

Now that “Titans” is almost halfway through season 3 and after that shocking ending, hopefully viewers will get more of Tim Drake in the upcoming episodes.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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