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Industries you can serve as a commercial real estate developer

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Entrepreneurs and professionals from every field you can imagine are constantly seeking to expand their companies—that’s the world of business! In order to do so they need locations to create their products or services, to present those products or services, and to run the company itself.

As a commercial real estate developer, you provide these businesspeople with the properties they need to be successful. Here are a few examples of industries that you can tailor to or access for your own success.

Retail businesses

Retail stores offer an endless variety of products. You can help the owners of these businesses to find a spot that will give them as much exposure and accessibility as they need to gain and maintain a consumer pool. From small plots for stand-alone stores to small storefronts in malls, you will guide investors or owners to the best fit for their design vision, functionality needs, and (most importantly) their budget! Strip malls are one of the most popular options for these kinds of stores, as they allow the store to be completely independent in their design, while staying around the middle for a store property cost.  

Dental offices

Medical practices like chiropractors, optometrists and dermatologists often run their business from a singular clinic. Dentists are arguably the best example of this! Finding an office space for dentists is fairly straightforward because of their focus on functionality over aesthetic flow. There are many office designs you can choose from to appeal to the market! The most important thing to find for these businesses is an office space that can accommodate large machinery and equipment that is necessary for dental procedures. Other elements like storage, ceilings, and materials used are easily altered or added. Help these essential medical workers find a space that will allow them to do a job everyone needs!

Production and manufacturing hubs

Any and every product for any and every business requires a source of production. The trickiest part of finding a space for this production process to take place is the sizing and logistics of processing. Large warehouses offer an immense amount of space to work in, while providing a high standard of electrical access and open floorplan that manufacturers can organize to optimize their effectiveness and flow. This is an absolutely essential piece of property for any large scale business, meaning you as a property developer will always have clients looking for bigger and better space!

Your success lies in being the means of success for all other businesses. Whether you choose to focus on one industry or to offer services to many, your real estate knowledge and experience will be an invaluable asset for every client.

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