USDA launches resource guide to help build America’s rural workforce

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Justin Maxson today unveiled a resource guide(PDF, 2.5 MB) to help rural community leaders start and expand employment opportunities and access resources to train, recruit and create a sustainable rural workforce.

“America’s rural workforce is critical to the success of the nation’s economy,” Maxson said. “As USDA continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and help restore the economy, we remain committed to helping rural employers build back America’s rural workforce to be better, stronger and more equitable than ever before.”

The resource guide outlines programs and services available at USDA and other federal agencies that support workforce development in rural communities. It helps community leaders and other local entities access resources more easily to create jobs, train talent, expand educational opportunities and provide technical assistance.
A resource matrix organizes USDA funding opportunities by four key assistance types:

  • Workforce development planning;
  • Infrastructure and equipment financing;
  • Industry and employer engagement, entrepreneurship and local business development; and,
  • Education, training and apprenticeship.

The guide also features examples of how customers have used USDA programs to support each assistance type. It includes recommendations on how rural leaders can replicate this assistance in their communities.

Additional resources to support rural workforce development are available at www.rd.usda.gov/rwin.

To learn more about investment resources for rural areas, contact the nearest USDA Rural Development state office.

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