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Florida concert gives a vaccination discount

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In Tampa, Florida, a concert promoter, Paul Williams, came up with an idea of pricing tickets at $18 for those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and $999 for those who are not.

The concert will be held at VFW Post no. 39 in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 26, 2021. Featuring bands Teenage Bottlerocket, MakeWar and Rutterkin. You can visit this site for more ticket information.

Paul Williams of Leadfoot Promotions said as vaccination appointments opened to all in his state the idea of a discount for those fully vaccinated would be a great way to hold a concert where people could safely enjoy live music. 

Williams followed the news closely before making the final choice. Once the CDC announced fully vaccinated people could engage in indoor and outdoor activities the idea was set in motion. He announced the concert at 10 a.m. on May 3, fifteen minutes ahead of a bill that DeSantis signed. The bill penalizes businesses verifying vaccinations $5,000 per violation in the. Thankfully the law goes into effect July 1, five days after the June 26 show.

The idea of discounting those who are fully vaccinated seems to be quite a success. As of Friday, Williams told CNN 210 of the 250 discounted tickets have already been sold and if someone buys the full-price ticket the money will go directly to the band.

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