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Microsoft is officially scrapping Internet Explorer

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In favor of Microsoft Edge, the desktop application you love(d) to hate, Internet Explorer, will no longer be supported on most versions of Windows 10 come June 15, 2022. Microsoft calls it “the future of Internet Explorer.”

Microsoft technology said on their blog post “change was necessary,” explaining that the successor of its meme-able 90’s born web browser is safer and faster. Microsoft Edge users have a more modern browsing experience with features such as an integrated IE mode — which will be supported through at least 2029 — that enables backward compatibility to legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications, sleeping tabs for those who have over 100 tabs open and better browser security gainst both phishing attacks and malware with Microsoft Defender Smart Screen. 

While this change isn’t until 2022, the tech company strongly recommends its users make the move to Microsoft Edge before the plug gets pulled on June 15 next year. Giving organizations additional years to evolve with them by keeping the IE mode until the end of 2029.

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