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Students collaborate to create a social network for scientists

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Feeling communications and connections in the science community online have been lacking, two high school students teamed up and created a social network for science lovers all around.

This scientific network, SciLynk, provides resources and tools to those who wouldn’t have had access to them before due to certain networks and research tools having age restrictions. SciLynk will offer students, research professors and other science enthusiasts a space to reach a diverse audience by sharing knowledge and connecting.

Arnav Chakravarthy (15) and Arvind Kumar (16), met over social media in the summer of 2020. The two high schoolers bonded over shared interests in science, business and technology, bouncing ideas back and forth on how they could get lab internships before coming to an idea of SciLynk functions. Showing the first product to their science and math teachers. Since the interview with The Seed – The Startup Journey in April, Arnav and Arvind have been discussing with professors, students and scientists to see if they’d be interested in their science social network idea.

The teens chose Kickstarter to assist with funding. Although the campaign site is not yet live, you can follow their work by signing up for updates or by visiting their Linkedin.

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