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Why few people actually make their business ideas a reality

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Businesses are an exciting culmination of people’s passions, talents, and determination to make a difference. However, most business ideas never come to fruition. Here are some of the biggest obstacles that impede people from creating a successful company regardless of the usefulness of their idea.

They Don’t Have a Plan

There is no way forward without first creating a vision of the company, creating goals that will construct that vision, and determining the steps that will accomplish those goals. Many people who have brilliant ideas do not know how to develop those ideas into a real product or real business plan. Checklists and timelines are the only chance at a startup’s success. Outline the objectives of the product or service in mind, research the needs of clients and effective marketing strategies and look into similar businesses for ideas and inspiration. Once this baseline vision is established, creating a business plan will fall into place much easier and in a much more organized manner.

They’re Afraid of the Risks

Only 35 percent of businesses will survive past ten years. That is a terrifying statistic for anyone wanting to start a business intended to last! Failure on this kind of scale can make a detrimental impact on finances, future startup potential, and the overall reputation of the business owner. Although the majority of businesses do survive, it is impossible to do everything right on the first try. In fact, “trial and error” is the best way to work out kinks and issues in every procedural step of your business plan.

They Don’t Know Where to Find Resources

Networking is the best way to gain connections in marketing, production, and investment. It can be difficult to know how to find the materials — physical and otherwise — to create your product and company. Workspace, capital, raw materials, help with labor (if necessary)… all of these are essential elements to business creation, and all of these require some sort of connection if the owner is to be given a good deal and quality assistance. Relationships are often the best way to create these kinds of connections, “knowing a guy who knows a guy” can be truly beneficial for your startup, as distant as it sounds. Many people aren’t able to collect the resources they need, because they do not know who to talk to, or they do not dare to try.

While each of these concerns is valid, the entrepreneurs who endure through their overwhelmed thoughts, their fears, and their original lack of connections are more successful. With these steps, they may find themselves successfully doing exactly what they want to be doing in exactly the way they want to be doing it.

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Cat Grant

Catherine (Cat) Grant was a business-savvy media mogul who got her start working as a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet. Cat later became a gossip blogger and eventually the CEO of her own company, CatCo Worldwide Media, a multimedia entertainment and news conglomerate based out of National City. Years after her departure from CatCo, Cat has decided to take a cathartic journey back to her roots. Welcome back to Cat’s Corner.

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