First nor’easter of 2021 expected to bring two feet of snow to Northeast

The first nor'easter of 2021 is expected to bring up to two feet of snow to New York City and parts of the Northeast this week.

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On Monday, a massive storm pummeled the East Coast, causing school closings, the cancellations of thousands of flights and the postponement of COVID-19 vaccination deliveries as cities prepare for up to two feet of snow.

The National Weather Service has issued storm warnings from Virginia to Maine and snow is expected to continue to fall on Tuesday as New York City declared a state of emergency and limited travel to essential workers only.

A state of emergency has been issued for New York City with outdoor subway service being suspended until further notice. The winter storm is compounding issues in the coronavirus vaccine rollout by canceling or delaying appointments across the Northeast. Meanwhile, there are new concerns about the spread of COVID-19 variants which have been spreading throughout the U.S.

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