"Big Bang Theory" star, author and scientist Mayim Bialik, PhD, curated the book.

Flash Facts: A spoiler free review

You are never too old (or young!) to learn something new and when I found out about this book by DC Comics I knew I was going to have an adventure reading it.

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I love science and I love comics so when you combine those two topics you get an explosion of fun and information. “Flash Facts” is DC’s newest middle grade graphic novel and it takes readers aged eight to 12 (and older fans!) on 10 fun adventures. Also, when you are finished enjoying the book there are projects you can do at home. I would have loved this book when I was in school!

Supergirl is a wonderful teacher! Photo curtesy DC Comics

The anthology is curated by “Big Bang Theory” star, author, and scientist Mayim Bialik, PhD, and is written and drawn by some of the biggest names in middle grade and comics publishing including Varian Johnson (Twins), Cecil Castellucci (Shade, the Changing Girl), Kirk Scroggs (Snoop TroopThe Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid), Michael Northrop (Tomb QuestDear Justice League), Isaac Goodhart (Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale).

A lot of talent and a lot of science! A first of its kind for DC, “Flash Facts” is a unique pairing of STEM, comics and DC Super Heroes. The book provides a helpful bridge between lessons taught inside the classroom and our everyday lives by demonstrating some of the most kid-approved subjects like virtual reality, 3-D printing, forensics, space and so much more, through iconic DC characters like Batman, the Flash, Supergirl and Cyborg who use STEM as part of their hero identity.

In the age of at-home learning, parents and teachers can feel at ease giving “Flash Facts” to their aspiring superheroes knowing the book was vetted by a team of educational experts to ensure scientific accuracy. After reading, kids and families can put their newfound STEM knowledge to the test with a collection of fun, super-heroic science experiments at the back of the book.

It was hard for me to pick a favourite story out of the book as each one had it’s own gorgeous art style to look at and lessons to learn. My youngest Niece Of Steel will love this book and I am considering buying a lab-coat to wear so I can host some online science sessions. The book will help me out for sure! 

Science and comics. What a winning combination! Photo curtesy DC Comics

Mayim Bialik PHD did a fantastic job with editing this book and I could hear her wise words in my ears when I was reading it. Science Fiction meets Science Facts! I hope DC releases more of these anthologies in the future as I want to learn more about other heroes and villains and how the world works.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to pre-order here.

On sale everywhere books are sold February 2, 2021

Flash Facts Curated by: Mayim Bialik
Written by: Sholly Fisch ∙ Varian Johnson ∙ Darian Johnson ∙ Amy Chu ∙ Dustin Hansen ∙ Amanda Deibert Vita Ayala ∙ Cecil Castellucci ∙ Corinna Bechko ∙ Michael Northrop ∙ Kirk Scroggs Illustrated by: Isaac Goodhart ∙ Vic Regis ∙ Ile Gonzalez ∙ Dustin Hansen ∙ Erich Owen ∙ Andie Tong with Devyn Hansen ∙ Gretel Lusky ∙ Yesenia Moises ∙ Yancey Labat with Monica Kubina ∙ Kirk Scroggs Cover by Derek Charm On sale everywhere books are sold Feb. 2, 2021 MSRP: $9.99

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