Always Hold On To Smallville: Episode 122 –– Labyrinth

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This week Always Hold On To Smallville host Zach Moore is joined by Matt Latham from Pick A Disc to discuss the one hundred twenty second episode of Smallville, “Labyrinth.” We talk Phil Morris’ debut as Martian Manhunter, a crucial deleted scene between he and Clark, continuity callbacks, and similarities so a sixth season episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

This isn’t a trick you’ve spent the last five and a half years of your life listening to Always Hold On To Smallville!

Zach’s Grade: A-
Matt’s Grade: B+IMDB Grade: 8.5
Superman Homepage Grade: 2/5 
Bechdel Test: FAIL

Zack Benz

Zack Benz has been a fan of the Daily Planet since he was eight years old. The Daily Planet has always been a beacon of hope for him and it’s his life’s mission to make it shine in a similar light to so many around the world. Zack graduated with a degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019.

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