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Education Secretary resigns amid aftermath of pro-Trump riots

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigned from her position on Thursday amid the aftermath of the violent riots at the U.S. Capital.

In a letter to President Trump, Ms DeVos stated that Trump’s rhetoric had an “impact” on the violent riots.

DeVos also said that Wednesday attack “was unconscionable for our country.” She also called Trump’s rhetoric about the situation “the inflection point for me.”

Ms. DeVos resignation comes hours after Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced her resignation due the violence that occurred on the State Capital.

“We should be highlighting and celebrating your Administration’s many accomplishments on behalf of the American people,” DeVos stated in her letter to Trump. “Instead, we are left to clean up the mess caused by violent protestors overrunning the U.S. Capitol an attempt to undermine the people’s business.”

DeVos also reminded Trump that children are watching and learning from his actions, saying that “impressionable children are watching all of this, and they are learning from us”

“I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgement and model the behavior we hope they would emulate,” she stated in her letter.

DeVos was one of the first prominent cabinet members to condemn the violence that occurred Wednesday.

Ms. DeVos joins a growing number of officials announcing their resignations in the final days of the Trump Administration.

DeVos resignation is effective on Friday

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