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Memories pass by without notice
Pockets of semblance are torn asunder 
Days start to erode and melt into months 
Fear consumes our passion 
Malice began to fester like a raisin in the sun 
Nowhere left to go or turn
Panic starts to ensue
Clouds take over forcing the sun to take refuge
The flood gates of passion have been cracked wide open 
All seems lost till a fleeting glimpse of hope dances in your soul 
Life is full of triumph
Victory will outweigh the hardship
Dragging the inspiration down 
Look around 
Notice the arrangement of colors
Blue is milky 
Soft and tender
Red is vibrant
Powerful and human 
Green is lush and organic
Full of vitality
Yellow is luminous 
A rush of pride
Pick up a brush 
Stroke a few designs 
Forge your genius 
On the canvas of dreams
Residing on the easel of purpose

Brendan Rooney

Brendan Rooney has always been full of creativity and enthusiasm toward the world of widespread media. He is also a passionate comic book fan along with a die-hard sports pedigree. Brendan has written various articles covering all topics and dreams of forging a long-lasting legacy by bringing respect to the Rooney name as either a teacher, journalist, or whatever else the future holds. His work has been featured on Google, Quoted by Marvel Games, Reshared by Movie Trades, Broken exclusives, Spoke and presented at syndicated academic conferences as well.

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