Illustration by Evan Hughes


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A poem by Rikkia Walker

Mother says act like a lady
Legs crossed with napkin on lap
And I obey my mother most of the time
But I am a woman
That cannot be defined
Under my dress I am wearing camo
I trade my heels for combat boots
Fists clenched
No room in my palms to hold the world’s stereotypes
I am ready to swing
First left
and then right
If another person tells me to “Act like a lady and sit nice”

Father tells Johnny that he cannot wear that dress
Why not?
Johnny is the only person that can wear that shade of red
Johnny knows how to walk
And knows how to sit
Johnny likes to be called Kayla
And I support it
I think Kayla is beautiful
Wearing those heels
Her legs go on for days Stomping out your impositions
Kayla is doing great

Featured Image is an original illustration by Evan Hughes

Rikkia Walker

Im 20 years old and attend The University of Minnesota Duluth, using my voice as my weapon, here are my thoughts.

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