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The Simplicity of Humanity

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A mask is an object of life and personality
A Persona is hidden underneath the course driven material
A design could be imprinted on either the front or the inside of the object
A soul can be tainted from the diction of lies that one spews in their life
A Lie could bind and sew the stitches of hypocrisy
The ideal of hypocrisy seeps into the skin of the individual
A truth is vital to extinguish the sovereign of tears being drained from the heart
A choice can also dispel away the blood stained memories attached to us
An Innocence resides on the scale of purity chained to our hearts  
A sense of moral justification emanates from each and everyone of us  Humanity is a cold dark shell
Plagued by the corruption of life
Haunted by the malice of darkness
Residing in the smallest pocket of reality
Born through the corruption of life

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