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Why do we hurt so much when we are at our highest moments of triumph?
Is it because we seek validation from extensions of memory 
Do we question what path we are constructing? 
If so then how do we bounce back from moments of extreme rage?
We neglect to realize human bodies are so fragile and delicate 
The identity of corruption lives in all of us 
Many don’t comprehend that anger is a poison which will eat away at the body 
The crimson fury of human corruption can’t be locked away 
It will only fester and boil over the longevity of semblance
Fear lies dormant in our souls
Passion ignites when the shadows take hold of the persona 
We endure a beautiful lie 
Only to realize the world is a tapestry were all part of 
Weaved together by the connection of heart, and purpose
However, we can only see the rigid corners and muddy colors 
Representing the flaws of being human
We can only witness and perceive a mere glimpse of perfection 
Always striving for a better tomorrow 
Alas plagued by our present
Forgoing to realize 
Potential resides in shadows
Always standing by
Awaiting for the signal to line the pieces up
Only then clarity will be shown

Brendan Rooney

Brendan Rooney has always been full of creativity and enthusiasm toward the world of widespread media. He is also a passionate comic book fan along with a die-hard sports pedigree. Brendan has written various articles covering all topics and dreams of forging a long-lasting legacy by bringing respect to the Rooney name as either a teacher, journalist, or whatever else the future holds. His work has been featured on Google, Quoted by Marvel Games, Reshared by Movie Trades, Broken exclusives, Spoke and presented at syndicated academic conferences as well.

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