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India’s solicitor general says same-sex marriage is ‘not permissible’

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The country’s solicitor general, Tushar Mehta, opposed a petition seeking recognition of same-sex marriages.

“Our culture and law do not recognize the concept of same-sex marriages,” Mehta said.

The demand to recognize LGBTQ+ marriages has gained momentum after the decriminalization of gay sex in 2018 by the top court.

According to Mehta, the plea for recognition to permit registration of LGBTQ+ marriages was “not permissible” for two reasons—firstly, the petition was asking the court to legislate and secondly, any relief granted “would run contrary to various statutory provisions.”

Mehta also stated that under the Hindu Marriage Act, marriages were recognized as one man and one woman.

The bench observed that the world is changing, but it’s not applicable for India.

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