How the seven Waynes are similar to the three Jokers

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Warning Spoilers Ahead

Batman: Three Jokers” introduced readers to three versions of Batman’s greatest adversary the Joker.  The criminal, the comedian, and the clown.

All three incarnations of the Joker committed crimes simultaneously to leave the Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood and their allies in a bind.

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In another comic, Bruce Wayne employed a similar technique to that of the Clown Prince of Crime.

In Deathtroke no. 32, titled “The Seven Waynes,” written by Christopher Priest, Slade Wilson showed Talia al Ghul three different pictures of Bruce Wayne.

Deathstroke noted how each photo was taken simultaneously in different places.

The first photo taken showed Wayne partying at a night club (The Billionaire Playboy). Next, the second photo taken showed Wayne at a charity fundraiser (The Philanthropist). Finally the third photo taken showed Bruce dressed as, what looks to be, Matches Mallone (an undercover persona used for the underworld).

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It is clear that the Seven Waynes strategy parallels that of the three Jokers and the objective of that strategy is clear — diverting their enemy. For example, Bruce used the seven Waynes to divert people away from his crime fighting exploits. While similarly Joker used the three Jokers to divert the Dark Knight from figuring out his master plan.  

While speaking with Talia during breakfast, Slade came up with numerous theories about the Waynes. For instance, one of the theories, correctly included Wayne being Batman.

However, it was what Deathstoke said about Batman that reflects how the masks of Bruce Wayne and Joker are not too different.

“The face under that cowl — is the least dangerous thing about him. Batman is a force of nature — the rage of every crime victim, every whiner on the planet. Is one of these ‘Waynes’ Batman? Maybe. I honestly don’t know and don’t care. Don’t get distracted Talia. Batman is real. Wayne is the mask.”

Deathstroke could say the same thing about the Joker. For example, the Joker’s face is the “least dangerous” aspect because anyone could dress up like him. However, someone who follows the Joker would need to have that force of nature.

For instance, look at the three Jokers themselves. It can be safe to assume that all three Jokers baptized in that Ace Chemical acid have a similar force of nature. After all, It was the Criminal Joker who said “We do what we always do. We try to make a better Joker.”

Courtesy of DC Comics

If they want to make a better Joker, they would likely need to find someone who has a force of nature that is similar to the three Jokers.

Could it be Bruce Wayne himself who the Jokers are planning to bring into their fold? The reason one can ask that question is because there is a comic that alludes to Bruce Wayne and Joker being the same person.

“Batman: Two Faces,” written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, takes place in the Victorian Era. In the comic, Bruce masquerades as Batman but he is also the Joker. Ultimately, he meets his end by sacrificing himself after a scuffle with Two Face, Harvey Dent, who later decides to take on the mantle of Batman.

If Bruce did indeed rip a page out of Joker’s book by having seven different versions of himself, then this could be proof that the mask of Bruce Wayne and the Joker are both similar that they are motivated by a force of nature.

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